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Early Access January 9, 2020 1.0 July 16, 2020

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Soviet Jump Game Takes Everything We Love from Retro Classics and Pits Players Against Each Other in the Popular Battle Royale Format Developed by Fantastic Passion and published by Game Grumps, Soviet Jump Game is a free to play battle royale pixel platformer available on Steam where a huge mass of online players duke it out until only one is left standing. Putting a modern twist on the nostalgic 2D platformer, the game pits players in a 50-person battle royale with matches lasting between 4 - 7 minutes, where you fight to survive using a wide variety of power ups (some familiar, some completely new) or just do it old school and jump on their head! “It was a really interesting challenge to merge these two genres that have never met. A huge, looping map was created with eight biomes, each one about the size of Mario’s world 1-1. Familiar concepts to Battle Royale games like the map’s shrinking radius were translated into things like The Pain Wall, where a large spiked wall spawns randomly in the map and grows outward” said Arin Hanson, co-founder of Game Grumps. “Battle Royales rely on communities, so to reach a wide audience and keep the gaming community thriving, we wanted to make the game free to play. The game also features a character customization economy, similar to games like Apex Legends and Fortnite.” This is the second game from the multi-platform digital brand Game Grumps (who have amassed an amazing 7+ million followers online), with their first game, Dream Daddy, garnering tons of buzz and attention when it first launched in 2017.


Soviet Jump Game is the first ever Battle Royale game! Snag powerups and battle against other comrades to declare yourself the best shock worker this side of the wall.


  • Online multiplayer combat
  • Action-oriented 2D side-scrolling gameplay: jump on your enemies and show them them your might
  • Find power ups to give yourself an edge over the redistributed wealth
  • Customizable characters: make the secret police jealous with your new outfits


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