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January 9, 2020

Steam (Windows, Mac)


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PRESS RELEASE Zdravstvuyte, Comrade! This is our welcome to all great combatants, ready to engage in the most original 50-comrade battle royale ever conceived. Only our Glorious Soviet Leaders could have conceived of the notion of melding 2D platforming action with coins to collect and power-ups to acquire with the most stylish visuals and heart-warming music in a clinical study of battleground excellence. Developer Fantastic Passion has the vision proven to deliver on these bold projections. And that is why we are all committed to this cause. Every comrade believes in the attitude that drives Soviet Jump Game, and it can be seen through their eyes. But that tells just a part of this story. Soviet Jump Game is unique in a way no other game can claim. It is platformer; it is battle royale; it is 50-comrades; it is a perfect example of what our creative Great Scientists can produce. We, as a collective belief, challenge you to engage and regale in what you have witnessed. So, you will have seen the brief, and hopefully witnessed what that means to all of us, and now it is your turn, comrade, to engage and define your role. It is for you to choose, your battle to be fought, and that is why our Soviet Scrambles provide the outlet for you to challenge. You, when you look in the mirror, are the best of you


Soviet Jump Game is the first ever Battle Royale game! Snag powerups and battle against other comrades to declare yourself the best shock worker this side of the wall.


  • Online multiplayer combat
  • Action-oriented 2D side-scrolling gameplay: jump on your enemies and show them them your political might
  • Find power ups to give yourself an edge over the redistributed wealth
  • Customizable characters: make the secret police jealous with your new outfits


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download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Arin discovers an unreleased 30 year old game
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Arin gets kidnapped by the KGB
Ok maybe what was on the other side of that first video was kinda dangerous https:.

Soviet Jump Game OST Bandcamp
Composed by Alex Yoder https:.

Soviet Jump Game Discord
Come join our community on Discord! https:.

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